Why Should I Install an Electric gate?

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Why Should I Install an Electric gate?

Electric gates are a great way to keep your property safe and secure. They provide an elegant, unobtrusive entrance that you can open with the press of a button. Unlike other gate varieties, electric gates give you the freedom to control who has access to your home or business and provide additional aesthetic appeal. However, you will need to call a professional gate contractor for installation, repair, and maintenance. One with the skill and the knowledge to troubleshoot, diagnose, and fix any issues with the gate or door. IRON MEN GATES AND FENCE OC is a premier gate contractor in Orange County, a one-stop-shop for electric gate repair in Orange County.

The difference between an electric gate and a standard gate.

The most noticeable difference between electrically controlled gates and manually operated ones is how fast they open when activated. Electric gates swing inwards while manual gates pull outwards because of their design mechanism. This means there’s no delay waiting for them to move out from where they’re standing before someone walks through them.

Electric gates are more expensive than a standard gate, but they offer additional features that make the cost worthwhile. For example, an electric gate turns on with the push of a button; you don’t need to spend money and time installing wires or control boards.

Common problems with electric gates.

Electric gates are often subject to adverse elements and require regular maintenance. Although each component of the gate may have its warranty, it is essential to have a routine checkup and inspection. This will ensure that the gate is operating in its top shape with little to no issues. Here are the most common problems with electric gates;

A power surge.

It is almost normal to have fluctuating power levels, especially when there are frequent outages. A power surge may cause the circuit breaker to trip down and sometimes blow out fuses in the gate opener. Our team is dedicated to restoring your gate to its working condition by replacing blown-out fuses and gate opener components in such a scenario. Whether you are using a LiftMaster, Chamberlain, Linear, or an All-O-Matic gate operator, we are the right fit for electric gate repair in Orange County.

A motor burnout.

This is a common problem with electric gates. The motors may heat up due to constant use, and in turn, will burn out the motor brushes or commutator. We have seen instances where gearboxes also malfunctioned, resulting in the gate not opening or closing when it should. One of our certified electricians may come to your location for gate opener system repair in such cases. Whether it is a faulty gate operator or an actuating arm that is not working, our team has the skill and expertise to fix electric gates that have been burnt out by power surges, overuse, or other defects.

A controller failure.

Occasionally an electronic chip malfunctions within the circuit board, which causes some parts of the electric gate system to fail. When this escalates to extreme situations, it may cause the circuit breaker to trip or blow out fuses on other components such as gate openers and household electrical circuits.

Gate opener remote not working.

The problem with the controller may also be a battery-related issue. If you are using an old remote and not working, try changing the batteries to see if that is the cause of your system malfunctioning.

Electric Gates Need Maintenance Regularly.

Whether your system is new or old, you’ll want to schedule routine maintenance checks with professional technicians who know what they’re doing. For instance, if something breaks down in your gate wiring, there might be some safety issues involved. Gates systems also come under duress from snow and ice during the winter months, which can lead to malfunction.

So, are electric gates worth it?

This is a definite, Yes! While these are some of the common problems with electric gates, they are avoidable and cannot outweigh the benefits of installing an electric gate in your Orange County home.

A major benefit of an electric gate is that they’re easy to install and operate. There are many benefits to having an automatic controlled gate installed on your property, like security improvements and improved accessibility due to low maintenance costs. With increased safety features, including cameras at every entry point, this makes sense if you’re looking for a gate that will keep your property and family safe.

If you are convinced to install one in your home or business, do not hesitate to call us for electric gate installation in Orange County.

Electric Gate Installation in Orange County.

Unlike popular belief, electric gates are easy to install compared to other gates with customized features. With years of industry experience, our team has seen it all. There is no electric gate that is challenging for us to install. We offer gate installation services tailored to suit specific requirements for any project, large or small.

For example, we provide gate design options in which customers specify size measurements and materials, including wood or metal. One of our professional gate contractors in Orange County will visit the site if necessary to measure up before providing quotations on how much each option would cost.

If you fancy an electric gate in your neighbor’s residence or want to upgrade to an automatic gate for efficiency and convenience, look no further than IRON MEN GATES AND FENCE OC. We pride ourselves as a reliable gate contractor for electric gate repair in Orange County.

Call us for a quote on electric gate repair in Orange County.

Are you looking for a gate contractor in OC? Look no further than IRON MEN GATES AND FENCE OC. We are a reliable gate contractor for electric gates.

We service all of Orange County County, so whether you need an electric gate installation or repair in your home or business, we can help with that. We offer free quotes and service estimates for all gate repair services. If you’re looking for regular and scheduled maintenance on your gate system, do not hesitate to give us a call today.

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