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At Iron Men Gate and Fence, understand that gates are not just decorative elements but serve an essential function in protecting your home or business. When your gate is not functioning correctly, our team of experts is here to help. Our service technicians possess extensive experience in all types of gate repair, including automated and electronic gates, as well as manual and sliding commercial gates.

We believe that experience is a valuable asset, and we take pride in providing fast, friendly, and reliable service to our clients. We know how inconvenient a malfunctioning gate can be, and we understand that waiting around for a technician to arrive is not an option. Our team of experts is committed to handling your repairs promptly and efficiently, allowing you to get on with your day without any further delay.

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“Iron Men Gate and Fence, we understand that gate repair can be a frustrating experience, which is just one reason why we commit to repairing your gate in a single visit. Our team of service technicians will do everything they possibly can to provide you with the best service at an affordable price.

Every single day our skilled repair technicians encounter a vast array of gate malfunctions that they must first diagnose and then successfully repair. Our technicians handle some of the more common repairs such as chain repair, gate motor repair, sensor repair or replacement, wheel replacements, and off-track issues. No matter what kind of malfunction your gate is experiencing, our professionally trained service technicians can help, so give us a call today.

In addition to gate repair services, we also offer gate maintenance programs to help keep your gates operating as they should. Routine maintenance also lowers the risk of any malfunctions occurring.”

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Looking For Gate Repair Service?

Are you experiencing issues with your driveway gates or gate remote/keypad? If so, send us a picture, and we’ll provide you with a free estimate for repair or replacement of your automated gate.

For over 20 years, Iron Men has been committed to customer satisfaction, and we pride ourselves on providing transparent pricing that includes maintenance and inspection every time.

Our team of experts is dedicated to repairing and servicing both residential and commercial gate opener systems, including sliding and swinging gate systems. We offer same-day service for commercial and residential properties and specialise in repairing motorised or automatic driveway gates. Additionally, we can install a new garage door for your property.

Electric Gate Repair in California

At Iron Men Gate and Fence offers a full range of electric gate repair services in OC in order to provide each client with the most appropriate and convenient solution. OC Gates Repair professional service technicians will diagnose the problem before performing electric gate opener repair, ensuring the quickest and most efficient service possible.

We repair all types of electric gates and, if necessary, replace the system’s problematic components.

Residential gates are more important than ever in private homes. Electric gates act as a parking gate as well as a deterrent to other vehicles from entering your property, providing you with peace of mind and security while improving your quality of life.

Electrical gates provide security for your home because they create the first layer of protection, which helps in preventing theft or home invasions. As these gates are so important, it’s vital that they are long-lasting and able to withstand repeated use when cars are constantly entering and exiting throughout the day

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Broken Or Loose Chain On The Gate Motor

When the chain on an automatic gate motor is broken or loose, it is often a result of rust or prolonged exposure to water, such as from lawn sprinklers, irrigation, landscaping, or proximity to the ocean. Rusting is a common cause of chain breakage because metal weakens over time due to natural fatigue. In some cases, a loose chain may indicate a mechanical shift or improper installation or tightening, but usually, it is caused by wear and tear, rusting, or water-related issues.

Automatic security gate doesn’t open fully, or the gate does not open at all, or the gate is stuck closed

The malfunction of a residential gate may be due to an improper adjustment. The driveway gate’s slight incline can cause a lack of power, preventing it from lifting the gate the last few inches. This issue is often related to an adjustment problem or worn-out parts.

In the case of a gate that fails to open, the problem may stem from power failure, battery issues, or charging problems. The devices that control the gate, such as keypads, remotes, or telephone entry systems, may be incorrectly set up, unprogrammed, or disconnected. Similarly, when a gate is stuck in the closed position, it may be caused by an error reading or a similar issue.

Poor gate remote/clicker range

The inadequate range of the gate remote may result from an incompatible receiver. Typically, remotes are programmed to the receiver, which sends a signal to activate the gate. However, receivers designed for residential gates may not have as much range as those used for commercial gates. Upgrading to a higher-grade receiver with an external antenna, known as a coax cable, can enhance the remote’s performance. Placing the antenna higher can also improve the range. The receiver for residential gates is often located inside a box, behind the gate or wall, so an external receiver may be required to extend the range. External interference, such as LED lights, can also cause issues, and changing the frequency may help. Remotes can wear out over time from frequent use, drops, or battery deterioration, so replacing them might resolve the problem.

Gate Keypad Does Not Work

Gate keypads are typically operated by battery or electricity, either wireless or wired. Our recommendation is to begin by checking the battery and replacing it if necessary. Next, verify the programming of the keypad and assess the age of the exterior keypad to see if it needs replacement. In the case of an electrical keypad, the issue could be with the transformer powering the keypad or the keypad itself being faulty.

Damage From Vehicle Collision

To prevent damage from vehicle collisions, installing ground loops is the optimal solution. These loops are cut into concrete or asphalt, and wires are installed to create a large metal detector that prevents the driveway gate from closing on cars. For those designing a custom setup, preformed loops can be installed under the concrete or pavers before construction. In the event that damage has already occurred, it may be possible to replace or repair a section of the gate.

Telephone Entry System Is Not Ringing Home Properly

A keypad that uses wires for connectivity may encounter issues related to faulty wires, malfunctioning transformer, problems with the phone line or errors in programming.

Damaged Swing Arms

In the case of a gate operator that is mounted on a concrete pad, the gate arms may suffer damage if the gate’s front is forcefully pushed. Additionally, certain gate types, including those with Linear actuators like LA500 or Miracle gate operators, have arms mounted on the driveway gate, which can frequently get struck by vehicles.

Iron Welding Or Gate Repair Services

Iron Men specialises in minor repairs for iron gates related to the operator, such as fence and rod iron welding. We also offer gate and fence fabrication, installation, and repair services, including pedestrian gates and driveway gates. The company has separate divisions for small and large job ironworkers, and provides both services. From small-scale projects like adding new posts or designs to automated entry gates.

Adjusting And Resetting The Opening And Closing Of The Limits

The distance that a gate travels when opening and closing is known as its limit. It is important to inform the gate operator about the type of gate being used in the system to avoid potential issues such as the gate slamming shut or failing to close properly. This adjustment should be performed by a professional to ensure proper operation. Incorrect adjustment can cause the gate to not fully open or extend beyond the gate opening. Calculations for limit adjustments vary based on the manufacturer, model, and brand of the gate. Some gates have finger-adjustable cams and limit switches, while most newer gate operators use digital circuit boards that are programmed and locked in with a learn or smart button.



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When your gate is not functioning correctly, our team of experts is here to help.Our service technicians possess extensive experience in all types of gate repair.


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