How to choose the best electric gates in California

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How to choose the best electric gates

What are the best electric gates in OC? Well, you might be stuck in a rut trying to decide which one would fit your home design and complement the landscape. With a whole range of electric and automatic gates that can be customized to meet your needs, the options are endless.

When looking at different types, it is often easiest to start with what style suits your taste: do you like wrought iron or wood better? What color will give off an aura of luxury without being too flashy? These questions make all the difference when selecting an electric gate for your home or business. If you are confused about choosing the right one, IRON MEN GATES AND FENCE OC will offer the best advice.

How to choose the right electric gate

When choosing an electric gate, the first step is considering what type of door would work best based on where it’s being installed, who needs access, how often they need access, and what type of environment it’s in. However, these elements are not a limitation to choosing a specific type of electric gate that fits your needs.


The function of the electric gate is one of the essential features to consider when deciding which type would work best for you. Electric gates come in various styles, including sliding doors, rolling steel doors, and automated swing gates. Other functions can be installed on an existing door or gate, such as automatic locking devices, alarm systems, access control systems, photocells motion detectors, CCTV, etc. So every other choice stems from this point, the functionality of the gate.

Location & Environment

Another key element to consider is where it will be used and what environment it’s exposed to. If your electric gate needs constant upkeep due to water exposure or extreme weather conditions then choosing something like wooden or aluminum electric gates may not be appropriate because they tend to rot or corrode over time or don’t work very well in those environments.

Metal gates are an excellent choice for this type of environment because they’re corrosion-resistant and have less moving parts to worry about. The other option is fiberglass, which can be designed specifically with either outdoor or indoor use in mind. These types of materials will resist water exposure much better than aluminum. Still, they cannot withstand the same level of abuse as metal does (e.g., being repeatedly rammed by an SUV).

Maintenance and repair

Nobody wants to call a gate contractor back and forth for repair and maintenance. This is another crucial factor to consider before choosing an electric gate. Although this is dependent on the lifespan of other parts, such as the gate opener, it is essential to be certain how often you will need to call a gate contractor.

With these pointers in mind, you should be able to choose the right electric gate for your home or business. There are three main types of electric gates: swing gates, sliding doors, and bi-parting doors, including single or double panels. Here is a brief difference between each of these gates.

Sliding gate Vs. Swing gates Vs. Bi-parting gates

A sliding door is the best option for those who want to have a gate that can easily fit through a tight space like an alleyway or driveway and cannot afford to make much of an opening in their brick wall. In contrast, swing gates are better suited for wider spaces since they open up more when entering them.

A bi-parting door provides flexibility with both single and double panels, which means you don’t need as much clearance on either side. As long as there’s still enough room at the top – it also allows you to add security features such as locking bars that extend across from one panel to another if desired.

How much does it cost to install an electric gate?

There is no definite price tag for each variety of electric gates. However, you will notice that the cost depends on several factors such as the manufacturer, size, height of the gate, and installation costs from a professional gate contractor in California.

A typical installation for a swing gate will cost anywhere from $200 to $500 depending on its width – anything narrower than six feet in width is considered “small.” Meanwhile, installing an electric sliding door can range anywhere from $800 to as high as $1000 if it has an optional side panel installed with it.

In contrast, a bi-parting door typically ranges between about $400-$600 while also taking into account whether you want one or two panels included in the installation fee. The more panels that get installed during this process means that the cost will be higher.

If you need to install an electric gate with a tight budget, look no further than California. We offer unbeatable rates and cost-effective pricing for each of our services. Besides, we will help you decide on the best gate suited for your home. Call us today for professional electric gate installation in California.

Electric gate repair in California

Even though electric gates offer great functionality and convenience in operation, they are prone to damage and adverse weather. Not to mean they susceptible to damage, but you will need to call for repair or maintenance at one point or another. Whether it is a faulty gate operator, or the remote need to be reprogrammed, our team is the right fit for the job. We are pros who know how to fix an electric gate. Whatever problems you face with your gate, call our team for professional gate repair in IRON MEN GATES AND FENCE OC.

Wrap up

The choice of an electric gate is personal, and many factors go into deciding the right one for you. However, if a sliding or swing gate meets your needs in terms of size, safety, convenience, and budget, we recommend going with either option. If not, bi-parting gates might be the best fit for you. To find out more about electric gates in California, call us today to schedule an appointment with our team of experts who can answer any questions you have.

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